Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer Storm

There's a storm raging out side my window
One of those summer storms that as quckly as it comes it goes
A grey backdrop with tiny lights fills my view
Every so often a streak of white lighting enters my field of vision
Then the sonic boom of crackling thunder enters my ears.
As my view gets more and more blurred by the hardening rain, I am reminded why i love thunderstorms so much.

Thunderstorms bring about much needed change.
They bring water when in drought,
They bring cool air when it's hot,
But most of all, summer storms remind me that i'm still alive.
It's great to hear someting as natural as a thunderclap outsound the man made world we live in.
When the boom of thunder replaces car horns and cell phones and the like.
When the rains come down replacing the foul stench of exhasut fumes or cigarette smoke.
Like fires in the forest, summer storms come every so often to clean out the impurities we've placed in the world.

And like the summer storm, how it comes and goes, so to does the pains of this world.
As quick and fierce pain comes in, it goes out,
Leaving the sun or moonlight to shine through til the next dawn or dusk.
It's all apart of the process...the circle of life if i can borrow that from Disney.

It is clearing up outside now.
The grey is departing.
Thunderclaps have softened.
Lighting getting a little dimmer.
The outside world is returning to normal.
Cars are moving, cell phones blaring, exhaust rising.
But for a moment, in all of it's rage and fury,
the summer storm brought a little peace.
A little peace to all of us.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Now this is wild

Author McMillan Seeks Divorce From Husband

Now this is juicy. I mean homeboy got a whole movie made about him, got women all over going crazy with their fantasies of finding their young lover, got Taye Diggs leaving Broadway to play him in the movie, but the whole time playing a game, a nasty game. I sincerely feel sorry for Terry. I wonder when he was gonna say something. I can understand the book but you would think he would have said something before the movie came out. Damn. And this is the worst part.

"McMillan filed for divorce in January, but news of the split didn't surface until this week, when it was first reported in a San Francisco Chronicle gossip column. Earlier this month, a judge ordered McMillan to pay Plummer $2,000 a month in spousal support and $25,000 in attorney's fees until the case comes back to court in October."

Brothers gonna get 2 g's a month for lying to the lady. Thats insane. I wonder if she's gonna write another book, how about this, "How Stella Got Her Groove Took". Ok I'm done joking, this brother is low, low man. Terry keep your head up and keep writing, I generally enjoy your work, but please remember, all brothers are not dirty like this guy, I mean your tore us up in "The Color Purple". We ain't all that bad.

Outfoxed by "Fox"

I was talking to ET recently about the fact that nothing's on the tube lately. More specifically, all these reality show are awful. And then i started thinking. Fox probably has more frivilous reality shows than any other network. Then it hit me...Fox is playing both sides against the middle.

Ever wonder why Fox news is so conservative, while the Fox network shows are somewhat liberal. I think as the Flagship Station of the Republican Party, Fox has created a situation where on one front, they've dumbed down the country with a lot of stupid, uninspiring shows, while promoting their conservative propaganda on another. Fox is setting the values of our time. Although I love the show and still watch it, did our values begin to shift around the time the Simpsons first appeared? They shifted from wholsom, sometimes thought provoking sitcoms like The Cosby Show, A Different World, and dare i say Full House (yeah, i can't stand the show now, but i watched it and it always had a message at the end). Now, with shows like the Simpsons (which has become much more smarter over the years), and Family Guy (another funny show) the messages about the family unit are very convoluted. Some may say the convoluted message is actually smarter and makes you think more. That may be true to a degree, but mixed signals can cross easier than direct ones.

But that's just the good shows. There is another message Fox is telling us as well. It's saying that "Beauty" is better than average. It's saying that rich is better than poor. It's saying don't put in hard work to be famous, just go on a television show. Shows like the Swan, Who wants to Marry a Midget (or whatever the title is) typify Fox's views on the average or different person. Not everyone is born with model potential, but if you go on this show, we can chop you up and inflate you and you'll look like a million bucks. Or if you come on this show, you can choose between a midget mate or models..who's it gonna be?

And the Simple Life. I refused to watch that show because all it is two spoiled, rich girls going out and making fun of real, hardworking people. They don't care about the people. It's just sh!ts and giggles to them. And American Idle. Doesn't take hard work anymore. Now wecan do anything by winning a game show, that's probably rigged anyway.

So it seems that Fox is setting the tone for our youth to not pay attention to what's real and live in a fantasy world where you can get anything without any work. By watching Fox (and the many other shows out there) we've forgotten how to think for ourselves. The agenda is set and we follow it like the Pied Piper and his rats. We're blind to what's really going on. So we turn on Fox News and take what they're selling as the stone cold truth, because some American's don't know any better.

For being such an independent nation, we sure do follow some folks blindly into the darkness, not knowing where we're going but trusting that we'll be led to the promised land. But be forewarned for those we trust may not have our best intentions at heart.

Big Ups!

From time to time i will post a "Big Ups" to someone for their accomplishments.

This Big Ups goes to Mr. Incredible who recently became one of us...the few, the proud, the employed. Congrats Mr. Inc. Big Ups!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ten Commandments

I'm not really sure what to make of this. I am not or no where near a bible beater or a super church going person. I am however a very spiritual person. While i guess taking some of the ten commandment depictions across the nation down is logical, it just doesn't feel right.

I think the 10 commandments and other religous symbols are as a part of American history as apple pie, abe lincoln, and the flag. Religion is part of the reason this nation was created. I truly do not believe the 10 commandments harm anyone. They are a reminder of some simple truths we should have in the world. Maybe the who worshipping false Gods id a little religous, but oh well. Thou shalt not kill, steal, covet your neighbors wife; those are reminders that definetely should be found in the court room.

I do believe in a seperation of church and state. However i do believe in the influence of church. I believe it instills some sense and sensabilities in people. Some sense of virtue and honor. It does instill some meanings of right and wrong. It's been taken out of schools and the schools have gone crazy (there probably is a parallel between taking prayer out and the worsening conditions of public schools). Now taking it out of sight in the judicial may have that same effect down the road. If you don't see a reminder sometimes, you may lose sight of your own values and beliefs. Maybe some feel that has no purpose in a court room. I think it does.

Monday, June 27, 2005

When Animals Attack

Seems like things happen in bunches. Child abductions, Murders, a Paris Hilton sex video, and now animal attacks. In the past few days there have been two shark attacks in Florida (one involving a 14 year old girl from Gonzales, LA), and a bear attack that killed two in Alaska. What's going on with these animals? Don't they know better than to attack when people come into their space? I mean, can't they just nuzzle up to the folks and for a quick photo op? They should know better.

Of course these events are tragic. No one should have to die by getting their leg bitten off, or by getting slaughtered by a bear. But the question is, is it really a "tragedy" in the sense that you're hot by a runaway car in a park somewhere, or you trip on a crack, fall awkwardly and are paralized? I mean, there are sharks in the water and there are bears in the park. These things happen when we invade the space of others. I'd like to think that if someone broke into my house i'd offer them some milk and cookies, but i do't think that's going to happen.

Here is where we see some fundamental differences in people. Whereas some like to do risky, daring, outdoor activities where they can get attacked by sharks, bears or mountain lions, the only animal others have to fear are the roaches that have gotten full of themselves. Come on, ya'll know those roaches that don't scatter when the light comes on. They just sit there and look at you like you're gonna do something. But...that could just be me.

And by the way, how did the bear kill both of them? Couldn't one just have run away? I guess they said the same thing with OJ.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Me and tha Police

This is so weird I really don’t know how to say it. I got a ticket for running a stop sign on Monday. It wasn’t really my fault J, I was in a neighborhood I had never been in before and I was trying to find a certain house. It was one of those stop signs that just jumps out of nowhere. Anyway, I was guilty and knew it. The cop was white, he was cool, incredibly nice, (not nice enough to let me go with a ticket, but the man got a job, I understand), he explained everything to me, even gave me a number to call to get it taken off my record since I’ve only had 1 other ticket. I would have much rather him not give me a ticket, but again, he had a job to do. I was at least expecting him to ask me what I was doing around there driving slowly. Maybe it was my LSU alumni plate on the car.

This was one of the only times I’ve been stopped by a cop for any reason that didn’t feel nervous. If it was 30 years ago in the same neighborhood I would have probably been going to jail. It almost felt unnatural to be so calm after being pulled over. Still trying to figure out why, I mean my insurance, registration, and license were all in the car and current. I’m not missing any tags. And all my lights work. Why should I be nervous, it’s not like Bull Connor pulled me over. One thought, maybe when you have your stuff together it is not a big deal. However when you have expired tags, a suspended license, brick of weed on the floor, then getting stopped by a cop can cause apprehension and fear.

My question; its 2005, are lot of law-abiding black folks still queasy about dealing with police officers, especially while driving? Is it even a black thing, maybe a lot of people just get freaked out by cops? I know a good bit about the history and wretched legacy of police brutality and racial profiling of blacks in America, maybe I’m just having trouble reconciling then with now. I could even understand if I grew up in a place like LA or in certain parts of NYC where the police still exhibit hostile behavior towards segments of the community. For what it means, if anything, Baton Rouge now has a black mayor and police chief, should I feel more comfortable now? At the same time I’ve been pulled over three other times and did not received tickets, I knew the officers were just “checking”. Its hard to describe really, can’t quite put it in words. I don’t even feel like I’m making sense. Anyway I’m gonna pay my ticket; don’t need to give the cops a reason to stop me.

Real (Estate) Justice?

I know that government goes around telling people in other countries what to do, but now this. If you hadn't read the article, the Supreme Court decided to allow governments to use iminent domain to take over property for any reason. Before it was for clear use for the public good. Now, it's for the private sector as well. A Conneticut government is taking people's home so they can build office space.

This could be the beginning of the end of the what i knew as the US. The most Democratic nation in the world. Where people could live freely. It's been going on for years, but i think we have officially sold out to the private sectors. I knew the ruling elites rules the country already, but now they've taken control of everything. Now they Big Business gets to decide where people can or can't live. Grease the right hands and you too can have a neighborhood.

This is rediculous and the Supreme Court and the Connecticut government should be ashame of themselves. I guess i need to talk to Oprah and see if she could get in good with some folks in Baton Rouge. There's a neigborhood near LSU I'd like to take over.

Justice Served?

I'm trying to figure out how i feel about sentencing an 8 year old man to a possible 60 years in prison. I'm trying to figure out why we prosecute these old cases when it generally doesn't matter anymore. Basically, i'm looking for someone to give me an argument why it matters. I have several in my head, but i'll play the devil for a minute and say it doesn't.

What he did was a heanous (sp?) crime. And we know he probably did it, but what's the use of putting this 80 year old man in prison. I mean, look at him. He's probably going to die soon anyway. To me it's a waste of taxpayer money to put him in jail. Not only did he commit hate crimes in the past, but now I (the people of MS) have to pay for him to rot in prison.

I believe that at this point, there should be a method of restitution as opposed to incarceration. Make him give up whatever money he has left. Of course then he'll probably file for welfare. There should be an alternate system to where taxpayers don't have to pay for this man to get sick, be given medication and die in prison. He'll probably get better treatment in prison.

I don't know how i feel about getting yuor man for the sake of getting your man. Could justice have been served without putting this geaser in jail? I think so. Maybe we could put him in the front row on 50 Cent's US tour or something. For him, that would probably be the ultimate punishment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Inner Workings of a Mind Gone Mad

He walks this earth searching for his prize,
He sees beauty all around him but it is out of his reach,
His mind is clouded by the fog that is his thoughts spinning out of control,
He cannot turn it off, he cannot make it stop,
His mind is shrouded in the darkness that is the world that he lives in,
Where is his prize?

He walks the earth alone, even as others walk with him,
He lives in his Fortress of Solitude forever trying to escape his own thoughts,
But he cannot outrun them, for they are faster, quicker than he ever imagined,
He thinks about his thoughts trying to weed them out,
But they grow thick in his mind,
Where is his prize?

He sees others moving, while he cannot,
He sees them going forward, while he walks in place, trying desperately to get to his prize,
He thinks it's so close, just out of reach, but it is far away,
Only far away because he does not know what it is, what is his prize?
Is it everything he hopes it to be?
Where is his prize?

Trapped by his thoughts, trapped by the solitude, trapped by shroud of clouds in his mind,
He still pushes forward, struggling to move,
Moving only inches forward, but an inch is better than nothing,
For all he can do is move however he moves and keep the struggle alive to find his prize,
He knows it will come and it will be great and it will be everything he hoped for, but...
Where is it...Where is his prize?

Scare Tactics

I was on today reading an article about WMD's. Now the prevailing thery is thay within 10 years, someone is going to use a WMD somewhere in the world. My first thought was, "Well duh!" In this nuclear age, I'm sure some overlord is going to pop off a megamissle to kill the masses. But these reports are becomming a little rediculous. It's almost like Nostradomus in the tabloids. The world was supposed to come to an end every year now since the 70's. Eventually Nostro has to be correct. Now, I guess the powers that be are saying within 10 years something will happen. That's a pretty large window of time to say "I told you so."

But on a different note, I'm not sure what all these reports are accomplishing. Is it just to keep WMD's in the forefront of everyones mind. A report yesterday said the US knew where Ossama was, but won't go get him until the terrorist regime is further weakened. Now is there a reason for telling us this? I don't think so. I don't want to know that we know where he is and are going to play with him until we feel like taking him out. I think what these reports are doing is putting the thoughts of WMD's and terrorists in the back of our minds furthereing our fears of the future and each other. We now wonder and wait until the ball drops. I don't understand the value of these reports. Unless we pull a Noah and build a gigantic fireproof arc, I'm going to try to live my life not worrying about the fateful day.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Is Blonde Better?

Here's my question for the moment. I'm looking for insights and understanding so please comment freely.

I have been watching TV lately and something reminded me of a question i had been wanting to ask. It was actually Lindsey Lohan (or however you spell her name). Now I think Lindsey Lohan is a truly beautiful young lady. She seems to have been blessed with a natural beauty (of course i've never seen her without makeup). Recently i've seen she's changed her hair color to blonde. Personally i think it looks hideous now. So here's my Q:

Why do people seem to gravitate to blonde?

It hasn't just been Lindsey, but Jessica Alba too. And i think it looks hideous on her too. So what's the deal with blonde? In Hollywood, is it the best way to become famous? Do males tend the gravitate to blonde girls. It seems the market is over saturated with blonde haired women, especially white blonde females. Do we as males like blondes because it's what has been thrown in our face for all our lives? I have to admit, i'm attracted to blonde girls as well, but the simple fact that i'm writing this i think means i am breaking away from that. I actually prefer red heads to blondes. Plus i don't think every blonde looks good, nor do i believe everyone looks good in blonde (ala Linsey and Jessica).

Is there something wrong with using what you were born with? Why do people constantly strive to turn themselves into something they're not? Since you weren't born blond doesn't mean you should dump a bottle of peroxide in your hair making it white. Because your skin does not have a natural hue doesn't mean you should bake it in tanning beds and under the sun for hours (which over the years makes people look rather leathery). On the otherhand, if your hair aint long, no need to put flourescent pink/orange/blonde/yarn/etc. strands in it that reach down to your ankles.

Now i'm not against change. Change is good. People can do what they please. But why do we constantly strive to be someone different (myself included)? And whatever happened to subtlety?

Speak you mind people!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Article About Former Sen. Jesse Helms

Former Sen. Jesse Helms is publishing his memoirs this fall. I would actually like to read it although I disagree with many of his proclamations and opinions, especially dealing with segregation and integration. I cannot see how anyone could justify the segregation that occurred and say that voluntary integration would have come along without pressure from the federal government and civil rights organizations. I will admit voluntary integration did occur in other parts of the country to some small extend, but in the deep south it would have never happened. The whole system was just vicious, hiding behind the label of “separate but equal” while actually being truly separate but in no ways and in no places equal. Now I know our education system in the South is hurting and de facto segregation has now taken hold in most cities, but not forcing integration would not have made our current schools any better. Got more to say, but I’ll shut up for now.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson

It wouldn't feel right if i didn't talk about MJ.

Since the verdict came out i've heard a lot of things said about the trial. People are talking about it. The prevailing theme is that if the prosecution couldn't get MJ, then who can they get. I think that's a stupid premise.

I think the most green of lawyers could have punched holes on the prosecutions case. There were holes in it to begin with. Greedy mom, no credible witnesses. Seems like the prosecution was banking on the fact that the jury would convict MJ just because he's weird. Obviously that didn't happen.

Everyone talks about what high priced lawyers can do. Regardless of the defense, the prosecution still needs to present an air tight case. They didn't do that here, or with OJ, with Robert Blake or Puffy or a lot of these stars. Are attorneys that require a higher fee that much smarter than prosecutors? I understand they have more resources than the common man does, but doesn't the prosecution as well? Maybe a lot of these cases are more for notoriety rather than justice. Go figure, huh?

Friday, June 10, 2005

Bad Karma????

You know, i thought that the state of Florida paid for its sins from the 2000 Presidential Election last year when it was hit by about 5 or so hurricanes. It looks like they have some more hell to pay and it's startinf early. Arlene must have supported Gore. How can a state be so unlucky. I know it just sticks out like a sore thumb, but geez. The first named storm of the year. It could have moved up the East coast or gone South to Mexico, but it chose Florida. Great beaches, warm weather. Arlene's in the AARP.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stolen Culture

**Disclaimer** For those who are uncomfortable or easily offended about race based issues stop now. Remember, I said I'd talk about anything. This qualifies as anything.

With that said, this is something that i used to talk about with good friends back at Mizzou alot.

I was at a bar today (Thurs. June 9) watching a band. All of a sudden, when the band played a certain song this white lady got up and started dancing. The bar had no dance floor. First off, it's hard to call it dancing. Looked more like she was having convulsions. She pretty much typified the stereotype that White people have no rhythm. She didn't. I was dying laughing. I couldn't stop watching her...sort of like a train wreck or an accident on the side of the road.

All of a sudden she comes over to dance with me. I'm thinking, either she saw me dancing or she wanted to dance with the only black person around. Anyways, i oblidge her for a few moments, but even I couldn't figure out what she was doing and sat down. Later on she came up to me and gave me a fist pound. But not the kind where you pound down on each other's fists. She gave me the straight forward pound. This brings me to my point...

From white guys driving Beamers and Lexuses blasting Tupac and 50 Cent, to preppy white guys wearing FUBU, now to middle aged white women giving me the hand pund, when will Black culture stop being assimilated into the mainstream? How can a race of people who's so deviled in the media and public eye, start most of the trends of the country? It seems like everyone wants to be "black" but no one wants to be Black. I don't get it. They love us that much to take our styles, saying and things of that nature, but there are no reparations (a subject for another blog) to be given to pick the people up.

It's sort of bothersome when white culture assimilates aspects of black culture, yet demonizes them at the same time. The media does not like hip hop, a part of black culture, yet makes tons of money from it. It seems that everything black people today do to show their uniqueness, whether it be dress, speech, writing, etc., gets taken and becomes a part of the dominant culture.

My question to you is, is this a good thing? What other cultures out there are assimilated into the dominant caucocentric (I just made up a word like Don King) American world? Drop some knowledge on me. I'm here to learn. By the way, I want my fist pound back.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Howard Dean is the Truth

Can Howard Dean ever say anything without causing all kinds of controversy? Personally I think he's just what the Democratic Party needs. Someone who can fight fire with fire. The Repub party is pretty much a White, Christian based party. How can anyone refute that? But even the Repubs are trying to say he's calling them names. Poor poor Repubs. Should we feel sorry for them. Truth hurts fellas.
Come on now, the days of trying to get the nation to come together are pretty much over for awhile. Unless some other national tragedy happens we're not going to become one nation. And even if something does happen. We'll be all chumy for awhile, wave our flags, have our celebrity charity telethons and proclaim "United We Stand." Then once that where's off or gets old, we'll be back to square uno. I think it's time for the Demos to hit the Repubs below the belt a little. It's time to get some energy back into this lethargic party. I think Howard's the man for the job. And you know why? Because all Howard wants to do is road trip. Click on the know where we're going.

God that's still funny. Here's more:

Confederates rise again...

Political Karma

It appears that the wonderful governor of Missouri has decided to allow the display of confederate flags on government buildings. It may be my parnoia but it seems that the rise of the Republican party is allowing the expansion of the silent wing of their party. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

African Aid

Oh joy to the world. The Bush admin. is going to give aid to Africa. The US is pledging $674 million for Africa. Or at least i think that's what they're going to do. Excuse me for being cynical, but haven't we been down this road before? Hasn't Bush said he was going to give money to Africa? I want some assurities that the money isn't going to fall into the hands of some warlord. Don't they realize they can't just throw money at the problem? There needs to be a comprehensive plan to deal with the Forgotten Continent. I was talking with a friend on this subject yesterday. She made the point that since we've been alive, all we've seen are commercials with Sally Struthers showing the emaciated kids of Africa. That's over 25 years. And now we're just throwing money at the problem? It's a cultural thing now. We need a plan. Maybe we need another invasion. Of course, what does Africa have to offer? We already have their diamonds.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The State of the World

I think the old addage goes, "You can tell about a nation by how it treats its young and old," or something like that. You get the point. Well i want to talk about the state of the world and how kids are being treated.

It seems like recently there have been a rash of incidents involving kids. Adults killing kids, kids killing kids, wars killing kids. It seems like everytime i turn around i either see or hear about a child being molested or killed by an adult, or hear about an amber alert. The latest have been incidents where the dad brutally killed his daughter and her friend. Now this 13 year old girl is missing in Aruba. I don't get it. What is wrong with our societies where we have people defiling and killing our youth? I don't understand where we have gone as a society.

I think the media has something to do with it. First, i think this may have been going on a lot in the past, but now it's national news everytime something happens. Personally i don't think i need to hear about someone getting kidnapped in Cali and i'm in MO, unless they may be heading this way. Everything is not news. But, i think the media covers these events much more than they used to. Two, all these shows on TV have driven society mad. Now parents have their kids trying to win pageants ala Jean Bennet. These little kids have no business dressing like they're grown-ups. I think some of the parents have bought into the Britney Spears syndrome. Dress up like a skank to mask your lack of any real talent. Third, where have all these pedofiles come from lately. They just seem to be popping up like crazy.

I think i have more to say but i'll leave it at that. Just some random thoughts on the issue. What's your take?

Friday, June 03, 2005

San Francisco 49ners

Here's a question for all you sports fans out there. Hopefully some of you will sign up and take part in the convo.

I'm sure you've heard about what happened to the 49ners PR director. For those who don't know, he was recently fired when a training tape got out to the media. The tape was supposed to show players how what they say and do can get caught by the media and start a firestorm. Well the video showed naked women and comments were made towards Asian people.

This is not to say i agree with the film, but i like to play devil's advocate. Here it is. Now i know in this PC world we live in it's wrong to make fun of anyone or anything. My question is why? I'm sure the guy had good intentions...why doesn't that count anymore? Why can't people make fun of one another? Is it because we don't know where to stop or where the line is drawn? Is it because we've become so PC as a people that we walk on pins and needles trying not to offend anyone or anything?

What's up with that? I wanna hear from you!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Starting Off

I read today on that George Bush Sr. says he thinks Jeb would make a good President. I read that and thought to myself, "Another Bush in office? What would be the politcal karma of that move?" You talk about the world hating America now. Just think if another Bush gets in office. Especially one who helped his babay bro steal the first election. But even inside this country. I find something wrong with the Democratic process that allows possibly three members of the same family gain the presidency. It's like totally locking out the little man. The Bush machine has proven to already have the money and the name to get elected by the masses who don't realize where their jobs went. If this happens, this country is turning into more of an aristocracy than anything. Any thoughts?