Thursday, March 02, 2006

Going to Africa like Dave Chapelle...

Ok so I'm not really pulling a Chapelle and rolling out on life for a bit. I have been away for awhile though, on my own accord. Just haven't felt like writing much. Not much to say. Like Aaron McGruder, I took a sabatical from myself. But I think it's time to start wriitng again. Here are some topics I think I'll cover...some old, some new.

1. Watching the T.O. press conference made me a little sick. Why does this strong black male figure have this little weasley white guy speaking for him, making him lok bad?

2. Giving control of our ports to a company from Dubai. What the Fu@k!

3.Tricky Dick and the Wild West Shootouts.

4. Vince Young and the Magical 6.

5. Why the fu@k are there 12 people running against Ray Nagin in the New Orleans mayoral election?

6. Why the fu@k are they having an election?

7. Why the fu@k has it been six months and the 9th ward still looks like Lebanon after an airstrike?

8. Maybe that's why there are 12 people running against Nagin and they're having an election.

9. My application for a PhD program at UNO.

10. For all the ass shaking white girls do now, can't nobody shake an ass like a sista shakes an ass.

11. Are the fu@kers in the NFL losing their fu@king mind?

12. Dave Chapelle is the greatest comedian alive today.

13. Why I'm using the word fu@k so many times.

14. Does anyone care about the winter olympics?

15. Why Chocolate City will be more white chocolate than dark chocolate.

I think that's about it. Of course I will never cover all these topics, but I'll try. Maybe someone can help me out with a few. Be back soon!


Blogger headliner said...

My Answers right off the top of my head:

1) I agreee, althought T.O. already made himself look bad, can't wait for his reality show, I may actually watch it.

2) Would you rather have Bush try to run them?

3) Huh

4) already talked about Vince

5) Everyone wants to run the Chocolate City

6) White folks trying to make it happen while all the black people are gone.

7) Lebanon after an airstrike, you're being too kind, it looks worse than that

8) Nah, everyone wants to run the Chocolate City, where do I put in my application?

9) Good idea

10) White girls have always been capable of ass shaking, just taken awhile for them to understand having an ass is an important part of the equation

11) Nah, them ni...s just wanna get paid, which will happen regardless

12) Richard and Redd are dead, Eddie's retired, Chris is taking sabatical, quite possibly true.

13) Don't know, I try not to curse too much anymore, wanna be a role model for the kids of the world

14) Yeah, I just ain't never done that stuff, other than ice skating, but I can't jump and flip and skate backwards so that doesn't count

15) Maybe once I grab this other Grad degree I can give you a better answer

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hrrrmmmm.....lemme think....

1)Couldn't say, mostly because I have no idea what this is.

2)Because the owner is probably one of GWB's daddy's golfing buddies and they need to make more money off of us dumb Americans besides the money we deliver in huge dump trucks for oil and their 'support' for our anti-terrorism and democracy-building. And we need more ways for illegal immigrants and terrorists to enter this country to continue to justify our increasingly draconian environment. More on this at the end.

3)Jon Stewart said it best, "Just after the shotgun went off, an unknown witness heard Cheney screaming, 'Now what do you think about illegal wiretapping, HUH?'" Of course, this guy is a lawyer and a lobbyist, so perhaps the Dickster decided he needed a public image boost and shot him for that reason. Regardless, he joins Alexander Hamilton, one of the best of the founding fathers of this nation, who was involved in a duel over honor, integrity, and honesty. Only problem was, Dick shot someone he mistook for a small bird. Go figure.

4)No clue.

5)Everyone blames him for the state of New Orleans.

6)Because the remaining residents of New Orleans are tired of hammering Ray Nagin.

7)Dude, I know you love that town, but if you think things are going to get fixed in a six month period that has mostly consisted of the blame game, trying to find all of those people who ditched down, and watching the fed play twiddle the testicles, you've got to get a grip.

8)Precisely. The people that are there are bored. Also see response to 5).

9)Good luck with that. Give me a reason to go to New Orleans to contemplate the reconstruction and join in the local sport of the blame game.

10)I got to back you up on that. No argument from me.

11)Was there a mind there to begin with?

12)Have you seen his Dave Chappelle's Block Party movie?

13)It's a fucked up world. Some days you just have to go with the flow.

14)Did you not see the US Women's Curling team? I now care. And besides that, curling reminds me a lot of pool, and I enjoy watching pool. Particularly because I suck at it.

15)Cost of reconstruction. That's all I'm going to say right now.

Just one last thing, read yesterday that now paying off your credit card debt can get you under the microscope with Homeland Security. A couple in Connecticut with their own business had about 10 grand in debt on a credit card. They had a good month, and dropped about $6700 to pay that down. The payment popped a red flag from homeland security and it took an extra 2 months and some action by the couple to get it processed. How fucked is that? The fed really wants you in debt so they can fuck with you on an additional level.

That's all I wanted to really know.....

Anonymous Coward signing out....

4:59 AM  
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