Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson

It wouldn't feel right if i didn't talk about MJ.

Since the verdict came out i've heard a lot of things said about the trial. People are talking about it. The prevailing theme is that if the prosecution couldn't get MJ, then who can they get. I think that's a stupid premise.

I think the most green of lawyers could have punched holes on the prosecutions case. There were holes in it to begin with. Greedy mom, no credible witnesses. Seems like the prosecution was banking on the fact that the jury would convict MJ just because he's weird. Obviously that didn't happen.

Everyone talks about what high priced lawyers can do. Regardless of the defense, the prosecution still needs to present an air tight case. They didn't do that here, or with OJ, with Robert Blake or Puffy or a lot of these stars. Are attorneys that require a higher fee that much smarter than prosecutors? I understand they have more resources than the common man does, but doesn't the prosecution as well? Maybe a lot of these cases are more for notoriety rather than justice. Go figure, huh?


Blogger headliner said...

I've always liked Mike. But i'm convinced he actually died about 1989 and aliens took over his body. Or he went underground and right now he is hanging out with Biggie and Tupac. In his orginal will he probably did something stupid like willing all his money in Liz Taylor or something like that. So then his father and brothers realized they needed Mike alive to keep them relavant so they cloned a new version of Mike. But cloning is risky business, so now you see what we get. Just my opinion.

4:14 PM  
Blogger The Underdog said...

That's a different take on Mike. Never thought of that, but i'd go more with the underground part. They cloned him in around the early 90's. Around the Bad album. As you can see, the skin became lighter and noses keep changing. Him and Elvis are probably chillin, talking about Lisa Marie. Cloning is a dangerous thing.

7:15 PM  
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