Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Howard Dean is the Truth

Can Howard Dean ever say anything without causing all kinds of controversy? Personally I think he's just what the Democratic Party needs. Someone who can fight fire with fire. The Repub party is pretty much a White, Christian based party. How can anyone refute that? But even the Repubs are trying to say he's calling them names. Poor poor Repubs. Should we feel sorry for them. Truth hurts fellas.
Come on now, the days of trying to get the nation to come together are pretty much over for awhile. Unless some other national tragedy happens we're not going to become one nation. And even if something does happen. We'll be all chumy for awhile, wave our flags, have our celebrity charity telethons and proclaim "United We Stand." Then once that where's off or gets old, we'll be back to square uno. I think it's time for the Demos to hit the Repubs below the belt a little. It's time to get some energy back into this lethargic party. I think Howard's the man for the job. And you know why? Because all Howard wants to do is road trip. Click on the know where we're going.

God that's still funny. Here's more:


Blogger headliner said...

I remember when I was a little kid I would get really hyper and start running around and misbehaving. My parents would then have to tell me to calm down and sometimes make me sit down by myself for a few minutes to stop (then I would occasionally get spankings if I didn’t, but that’s another post, I think if kids misbehave bad enough spankings are justified, that’s a minority opinion now I think). But my advice to Mr. Dean, CALM DOWN, go take a break somewhere, get a nap or something. I agree with a lot of what you say, in fact I think your comments have a lot more truth then most liberals will even admit, but you just can’t say that man. Not you, not after the yell, not right now. Leave that s..t to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or even Al Franken. They are better at it than you are.

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