Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Starting Off

I read today on that George Bush Sr. says he thinks Jeb would make a good President. I read that and thought to myself, "Another Bush in office? What would be the politcal karma of that move?" You talk about the world hating America now. Just think if another Bush gets in office. Especially one who helped his babay bro steal the first election. But even inside this country. I find something wrong with the Democratic process that allows possibly three members of the same family gain the presidency. It's like totally locking out the little man. The Bush machine has proven to already have the money and the name to get elected by the masses who don't realize where their jobs went. If this happens, this country is turning into more of an aristocracy than anything. Any thoughts?


Blogger Motiger said...

Its a bit like a Monarchy, isn't it? I believe that we do not have real democracy in our nation, and maybe never had... as long as our political offices can be "purchased" there's no hope for democracy here. Just think about it... if you were to run for political office tomorrow (anywhere, local, state, etc.) could you? Do you have the funds available to just start a compaign? Its takes thousands just to win a city council race. I sure don't have that kind of $$. So as long as that's part of the process, the "little man" will never be in power anywhere. That's only one barrier to democracy, and that doesn't include the electoral college, only half the electorate voting (and the half that are not voting are the ones that are getting the shaft), or the fact that the buracracy are making many of the laws anyway. I am so frustrated with our political system, it makes me CRAZY.

If Jeb Bush became president, I think I really would move to Canada. Excpet I hate cold weather.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Frozone said...

I think what is also worthy of noting is that Jeb doesn't seem interested in running for Presidency. He sees the pressure that george is going through and isn't exacxtly jumping at the opportunity to get handed the baton. I think it is important to have interest in what it is that everyone else expects you to be a part of, otherwise it is a waste of time. I am fairly confident that George will end his term and that Jeb will not be compelled to run (crossing my fingers). I mean could you imagine the implications. The newspaper headlines would read "NOT ANOTHER FOUR YEARS...". a decade worth of years has been handed to the Bushes, and I will be very upset if any mores is given to them. IT will be very interesting to see what happens.

10:12 PM  
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