Friday, June 03, 2005

San Francisco 49ners

Here's a question for all you sports fans out there. Hopefully some of you will sign up and take part in the convo.

I'm sure you've heard about what happened to the 49ners PR director. For those who don't know, he was recently fired when a training tape got out to the media. The tape was supposed to show players how what they say and do can get caught by the media and start a firestorm. Well the video showed naked women and comments were made towards Asian people.

This is not to say i agree with the film, but i like to play devil's advocate. Here it is. Now i know in this PC world we live in it's wrong to make fun of anyone or anything. My question is why? I'm sure the guy had good intentions...why doesn't that count anymore? Why can't people make fun of one another? Is it because we don't know where to stop or where the line is drawn? Is it because we've become so PC as a people that we walk on pins and needles trying not to offend anyone or anything?

What's up with that? I wanna hear from you!


Blogger Frozone said...

When someone identifies you as a person that shows lack of respect for people of other racea they are basically stating the fact that you are ignorant of the issues that have existed in our countries past, present, and issue that will exist in the future; that you have no reverence to the fact that a color barrier exists. The problem is that our society does not except ignorance as an acceptable state of being. Either (1)You are aware of the racial differences that exists (and the issues that arise from that awareness), and continue to be very careful about what you say when, where, and to whom, OR (2) That you are and idiot and say what you want about other races while others lambast you with riduculous charges of being insensitive to people of other races. Cause, as ridiculous as it may sound, there are people that do get upset over those same minute issues such as name calling and racial epiteths. And that, my friend, is the main reason why this topic is still a hot issue in our society today...

So am I surprise that this PR is getting torn apart by the media? Of course not! As a PR Director the last thing you would want is to have any of your personal work made available to the Media. once the media has it. then you are definitely looking for trouble. our media is relentless. they will do anything to make sure that they have something worth talking about; something that makes epoples heads turns. So, anytime you start dealing with racial issues people definitely pay attention. Hence, this is why I can't stand the media... they hype everything up sooo Much... uuuughhh...Just the give the guy a slap on the wrist and say don't do it again.. but I'm sure it's not that easy now htat its out the rest of the world. Our society is so judgmental!!!

10:36 PM  
Blogger headliner said...

I think the furor over this outweighs the crime, but the tape was not appropriate at all. These are supposed to be grown me this tape was made for, then why the cartoonish portrayals of people and ethnic groups. I know it was probably meant to be slightly humorous to keep the players attention, but did he really need to go that far. I honest don’t think so.
Now about a question asked in the post, why is it wrong to make fun of anyone or anything in this PC world we live in? Well how about this, how do I get PC immunity, you know those privileged few who have the good fortune of being allow to say whatever the ….. they want to say and everyone just laughs or says that so thoughtful. You know the some of the members of this club: Charles Barkley, Howard Stern, and Russ Limbaugh. That’s what I want. I want to be in that club.

3:19 PM  
Blogger The Underdog said...

To the headliner,

I definetely want to be apart of that club as well. If any of us say something we'll definitely be rediculed. I think the key to joining this club is saying what you have to say, withstanding the initial brundt of people too scared to say it, then keep saying it. By then, you'll be known as a person who speaks his mind. Says what everyone can't. As you make your comments, your leash gets less and less tight...until you go too far ala Rush Limbaugh.

4:04 PM  
Blogger Kenyattah said...

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4:35 PM  
Blogger Kenyattah said...

Fact of the matter is that the 49ers are in the business of making money. Further, they make their money by selling tickets to a target market, a large number of which happen to be homosexual and/or asian. Good business sense dictates you don't offend your target market. The PR director is free to express his views on his own time and dime. But when he's representing an organization, he has to be aware how the very consumers to whom his organization's product is being sold will receive the message.

4:37 PM  
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