Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Ten Commandments


I'm not really sure what to make of this. I am not or no where near a bible beater or a super church going person. I am however a very spiritual person. While i guess taking some of the ten commandment depictions across the nation down is logical, it just doesn't feel right.

I think the 10 commandments and other religous symbols are as a part of American history as apple pie, abe lincoln, and the flag. Religion is part of the reason this nation was created. I truly do not believe the 10 commandments harm anyone. They are a reminder of some simple truths we should have in the world. Maybe the who worshipping false Gods id a little religous, but oh well. Thou shalt not kill, steal, covet your neighbors wife; those are reminders that definetely should be found in the court room.

I do believe in a seperation of church and state. However i do believe in the influence of church. I believe it instills some sense and sensabilities in people. Some sense of virtue and honor. It does instill some meanings of right and wrong. It's been taken out of schools and the schools have gone crazy (there probably is a parallel between taking prayer out and the worsening conditions of public schools). Now taking it out of sight in the judicial may have that same effect down the road. If you don't see a reminder sometimes, you may lose sight of your own values and beliefs. Maybe some feel that has no purpose in a court room. I think it does.


Blogger ET said...

My whole take on this issue... why do people get so worked up about this? I'm not really a religious person by any means (I'm one of those Christmas/Easter/maybe one or two other Sundays a year churchgoers). The whole argument that children are going to see them and be influenced by them... I think it's bogus. If you're really worried that your child is going to pick up on a religion that you don't believe in and don't want your child to believe in- it is YOUR job to instill your beliefs and morals into your child. Just like you try to raise your child to not grow up believing alcoholism is the way to go, he or she is still going to encounter alcohol EVERYWHERE. It is your job as a parent to show your child the way.

As for the separation of church and state... I understand the fear that one religion will become the one that the gov't endorses. What I don't understand is the distinction the court has drawn between symbols and signs that were displayed for a religious purpose and those that were displayed merely because of their historical value in the country. It's the same thing. How can you really draw a meaningful distinction between the same sign- one hung for its religious value and one hung for its historical value? I don't see a practical difference.

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