Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Outfoxed by "Fox"

I was talking to ET recently about the fact that nothing's on the tube lately. More specifically, all these reality show are awful. And then i started thinking. Fox probably has more frivilous reality shows than any other network. Then it hit me...Fox is playing both sides against the middle.

Ever wonder why Fox news is so conservative, while the Fox network shows are somewhat liberal. I think as the Flagship Station of the Republican Party, Fox has created a situation where on one front, they've dumbed down the country with a lot of stupid, uninspiring shows, while promoting their conservative propaganda on another. Fox is setting the values of our time. Although I love the show and still watch it, did our values begin to shift around the time the Simpsons first appeared? They shifted from wholsom, sometimes thought provoking sitcoms like The Cosby Show, A Different World, and dare i say Full House (yeah, i can't stand the show now, but i watched it and it always had a message at the end). Now, with shows like the Simpsons (which has become much more smarter over the years), and Family Guy (another funny show) the messages about the family unit are very convoluted. Some may say the convoluted message is actually smarter and makes you think more. That may be true to a degree, but mixed signals can cross easier than direct ones.

But that's just the good shows. There is another message Fox is telling us as well. It's saying that "Beauty" is better than average. It's saying that rich is better than poor. It's saying don't put in hard work to be famous, just go on a television show. Shows like the Swan, Who wants to Marry a Midget (or whatever the title is) typify Fox's views on the average or different person. Not everyone is born with model potential, but if you go on this show, we can chop you up and inflate you and you'll look like a million bucks. Or if you come on this show, you can choose between a midget mate or models..who's it gonna be?

And the Simple Life. I refused to watch that show because all it is two spoiled, rich girls going out and making fun of real, hardworking people. They don't care about the people. It's just sh!ts and giggles to them. And American Idle. Doesn't take hard work anymore. Now wecan do anything by winning a game show, that's probably rigged anyway.

So it seems that Fox is setting the tone for our youth to not pay attention to what's real and live in a fantasy world where you can get anything without any work. By watching Fox (and the many other shows out there) we've forgotten how to think for ourselves. The agenda is set and we follow it like the Pied Piper and his rats. We're blind to what's really going on. So we turn on Fox News and take what they're selling as the stone cold truth, because some American's don't know any better.

For being such an independent nation, we sure do follow some folks blindly into the darkness, not knowing where we're going but trusting that we'll be led to the promised land. But be forewarned for those we trust may not have our best intentions at heart.


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