Saturday, December 10, 2005

Who is the Underdog?

For years now I've been trying to fihure out who I am, who the real underdog is. I've thought I was many things, but it all comes back to the same things. And I guess that's ok. I am who I am and nothing's wrong with that. I also realize that I'm a work in progress, an ever changing piece of art. Morphing into the person I will be tomorrow, but maybe not next week. It's always good to understand that. So who is the underdog?


I'm a pretty nice guy if I say so myself.

I try to help the next man if I can.

I like to take care of people, guess I got that from my family.

I like to protect the women in my life. Call it that Southern gentlmanly instict that's been engrained in me since 1980. I want to make sure the women in my life are well taken care of, even if they aren't the women in my life.

And speaking of women... I like white women. Yeah I said it. I like white women. Does that mean I don't like black women? Hell no, that doesn't mean that. I love my Nubian sisters just as much as any one of my other human sisters. So yeah, I like white women, asian women, persian women, latina women... all women. So get over it.

And I like em thick. A little meat never hurt anyone. Lord knows I have some extra chunck I'd like to lose.

I like video games. Sports games, action adventure, role playing. All of them. If you think I'm too old for them then F-you!

I like wrestling and ultimate fighting (watching, not participating). If you don't like it, see above.

I love sports, especially football.

I'm a fun loving guy that lives by the people that are around me. That'a a fatal flaw if you ask me, but it is what it is. I had some good people around me back home, but now things have changed a little. Got a couple good ones here, maybe even a great one, but nothing like back home. Home stays with me though, and I know those folks are still there.

I like to smile.

I like to laugh.

I love my family.

I Love Family.

I love God, and even the thought of other gods...hey you never know.

All in all, the underdog is a nice guy trying to make it in a world gone mad. And you know what they say about nice guys....they finish. Wait a minute. That's what i say about nice guys. Nice guys finish. They may not come in first, they may come in last, but they finish. And sometimes, finishing is more than some other folks do. And that's what the Underdog intends to do.


I'll be who I am for the rest of my life. And as of now, I kind of like me. Nothing special. I just like being a nice guy. Feels right.

I like to make other people smile, even if they don't know I'm doing it.

It feels right giving myself to the You.

Now it's time for the Underdog to least this post anyway. :)

Nice guys finish....I like the sound of that.


Blogger theBoardroom said...

Nice guys are in it for the long term, that's when it pays off for being nice.

Thanks for the sharing.. I enjoyed it.

Oh, you did forget one thing...

The Underdog is a Real Man of Genius!!

10:20 AM  
Blogger Sweet Hammie said...

I read your posts entitled Mr. Cellophane and Who is the underdog, and had powerful flashbacks. The struggle to define and understand oneself is only exceeded by the struggle to accept that which we find. I suffered, and still suffer, from these very same questions. For years, I was the nice guy who avoided conflict at all costs. While others succeeded at a variety of different areas, I did not. I was never the best athlete, the smartest guy, the best looking guy, the coolest/most popular guy, or the best with the ladies. I functioned in what I termed "the mundane middle." I was a life of contradictions. I was a moderately smart nerd, an athletic non-athlete, an artistic non-artist. I could do many things but nothing gained me the recognition and popularity I so desired. I would not like myself unless others did. I fought with this for years. Only through counseling and deep introspection have I been able to understand who I am and accept that which I am. Understanding without acceptance is like having a car with no gas. Acceptance fuels our need to continually keep trying to understand ourselves as we change.

1:58 PM  
Blogger The Underdog said...

Sweet Hammie...I've never heard you sound so intelligent. Wait...that can't be you. Is this Mrs. Sweet Hammie? :)

6:15 PM  
Blogger headliner said...

I agree with everything you said. Thanks for listening to me rambling on and on about shit the other night.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Sweet Hammie said...

That was the real Sweet Hammie, not the Mrs. I only sound intelligent on this subject because I have gone through it and come to many of these thoughts on my own. Besides I am bored at work, need someplace to sound intelligent, surely isn't here.

6:21 AM  
Blogger theBoardroom said...

Wow.. The Hammy coming strong with it.

"moderately smart nerd, an athletic non-athlete, an artistic non-artist" - I don't know that I have heard a better way to describe most of my life as well.. kinda spooky!

If only for a short while, I belive I had the acceptance that Hammy spoke of (at least the acceptance that I thought I wanted) and as hard as it was to see then, but as easy as it is to see now - it is harder to handle than the "middle" and almost empty.

I'll still contend that you, Hammy, Headliner.. all real mean of genius! but most improtantly.. real men and there isn't anything mediocre about that.

Goodday Gentlmen!

7:11 AM  
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