Monday, September 26, 2005

Social Commentary II

So I promised I would continue my rant on the social fiber of this country and who’s to blame for the problems of black people. In my first writings, I blamed white folks. "Yeah I said it. Write it down, take a picture, send it to em" (I love Shaq quotes). The system is set up for the dominant culture, white folks, to maintain their dominance. Sure a few sprinkles of pepper and brown sugar gets mixed in with the salt, but not many. It is the dominant culture and its greed that have kept many minority groups in its place. But they’re not the only ones to blame.

I also put the blame squarely on myself and others like me. I place blame on black people as a whole for the problems we’re facing. We are very fragmented as a people. Some living in the ghettos, talking the talk, walking the walk, not necessarily trying to get out. Some in the middle class looking down upon that which we once came from (but that’s a different subject entirely) trying to claw our way upward reaching some pinnacle that we’ve learned from being assimilated by the dominant culture. Some have made it to that pinnacle and are just trying to keep what they have, not looking backward at those trying to climb up. They are fully assimilated and have won their game, although they are still black which for all intents and purposes means they are still a rung lower than the lowest of the high.

Though I think all black folks share a sense of history and pride about being black, we have allowed the dominant culture to separate us as a people. We start noticing the differences between our upper, middle and lower class brethren. We play the class warfare games learned from the dominant culture. We’ve learned new and inventive ways to segregate ourselves from one another (fraternities, sororities, various organizations) when we should all come together on a certain level of the mutual respect for our blackness and become stronger as a people.

Our folks in the ghettos are to blame for not wanting more. Not trying to get more. Not struggling to get out. Depending on the government. If the latest hurricanes have showed people anything it’s having your own means is extremely important. The government will not always help you. “George Bush does not care about black people.” The quote just came out of Kanye’s mouth didn’t it? Very random, but very true. But will that lesson be learned. Doubt it.

Our folks in the suburbs need to get out more and try to pull up our brothers and sisters in the ghetto. We, yes me included, keep trying to look forward, but back there is what needs us. The only way we can ever succeed as a people is to pull those up and become a stronger base. Of course, how do I have time for that when I need to finish my season of Madden?

Our more affluent folks living behind the gates of communities need to use their status to affect change on a national level. Our actors and entertainers need to come out and be politically active. Say what’s on their mind. Stand as a force against the man…even against some of their own.

I know this just sounds like the ramblings of a mad man. That’s actually very true. But I am tired of things being blamed on white folks. Yeah, the “white establishment” plays a major role in what happens in this country; however it is time for minorities to stand up on their own two feet and start moving. Obviously no one is going to give us anything, so we have to take it. Minority groups could have much more power in this country if we could mobilize ourselves into a unified force. Blacks and Hispanics especially have power in numbers. Unfortunately most of our numbers are in jail, living below the poverty line, or just feel they have no way out, keeping the dominant culture, dominant.

Is there an answer? If there is, I don’t have it. But I’m searching for it. Until then, I remain part of the problem. A burden I carry everyday.


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