Sunday, July 10, 2005

On Air Crushes

I just got home from the store and turned on the TV. After flipping around a bit, i caught a bit of I Love the 80's: 1988 (i think). They were talking about the Wonder Years and one of the guys said Winnie Cooper played a part in almost every guy's time of puberty in this generation. I thought to myself, how true that is. First, i always sat down to watch the Wonder Years. That was a great show. Second, i loved me some Winnie Cooper. She was it for me. Cute, but not overly beautiful. Beautiful (especially in the teen years) but not overly gorgeous. I probably would marry her today if i could. So that got me to thinking, who are some of your all-time TV crushes? Here's my short list (because the alcohol i've consumed has hurt the long list):

Winnie Cooper: see above
Lisa Turtle: Man, Saved By The Bell is another great show that i wish would never go off the air. Lisa was fine to me, especially since she was the only black girl on the show (of course they made her a valley girl, but i knew deep down she was a soul sista). She had the look, the smile, the body, and from other works i've seen her in, she's probably got a brain too.
DJ Tanner: Always was a Candace Cameron fan. Maybe because i thought Kirk Cameron was cool. She was cute and she still is now.
Ashley Banks: Tatyana Ali is beautiful. Once again, if i could find her she'd be mine. It's like i grew up with her on the show. She graduated from Harvard i think. She still attractive and obviously intelligent. Loved lil Ash on the Fresh Prince.
Hillary Banks: Karyn Parsons is totally fine. She was ok on the show, but i've seen her in Major Payne and the Ladies Man. She's totally hot. I think i like her more now than then.

My list is pretty short because i can't remember any more shows i used to watch. So everyone chime in on what they remember. You too ladies.


Anonymous thedbrous said...

This may be a short list for me too (stumped at the moment)

1. Topenga!!! (from Boy Meets World), they was just something about that Native American Earth Hippie turned popular chick turned white picket fence young wife that kept me watching TGIF!

2. Kelly Packard's character from California Dreams! That's right - pre baywatch, pre Ripley's Kelly Packard "playing" bass guitar in the surf band. Dont' know if it was the guitar that did it for me- but she sure was great on that show!

Oh, not sure if you caught the news on this, but the actress that played Winnie Cooper recently graduated from UCLA with her Master's in Mathmatics and is going back soon for a PhD - helped write some complex theorum of math (that's as far as I went with understanding it) - smart girls rule!

6:12 AM  
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