Monday, July 04, 2005

Teflon King

I watched a documentary this past Saturday called "The Hunting of the President." The doc was written from a book of the same title. The movie was about Bill Clinton and how folks have been trying to get him since he was governor. The movie mostly documented the events of Whitewater and how Ken Starr basically tried anything to get Clinton. It also talked about the sexual harrassment accusations as well. The doc was really informative and interesting. There were interviews with many players inclusing Susan McDougal. She went to jail becaus she didn't want to make anything up about the Clinton's. If the doc. presents the true facts, which i hope it does, it does shed some light on what the Republican party will do to retain control. Clinton also gave a talk after the opening of the movie. He is awesome. I think i could listen to Bill 24/7. He's very smooth and eloquant. Also extremely intelligent. He's definitely one of the few famous people i'd like to have dinner with and talk to one on one. Check out the movie is you have a spare moment.

Saying all that to say this: Bill Clinton is one of the few people who can do just about anything short of murder, rape, or treason and still come out on top. It seems like everything rolls off him like grease on teflon. Sexual harrassment cases? Nope. Whitewater? Nope. Infedelity? Nope. Lying under oath? Nada. Sure he got "impeached," but what does that really mean. He never had to leave office and now makes millions from the whole deal. The Clinton's are probable the most normal family we've had in the White House in years. Bill Clinton is number one on my All Teflon List. And speaking of, here's my short list of teflon kings:

#1 Bill Clinton-see above; and it all was public
#2 Michael Jordan-survived a tell all book about his gambling, marrital problems and now has to deal with a possible baby momma; but we'll still love Jordan
#3 Michael Jackson- how do you get out of two child molestation cases? If he still made good music, or any at all these days, he wouldn't have any problems
#4 The Bush Family- They have dirt. Everyone knows they have dirt. You just can't prove it. They're on the list until someone can prove they did something.
#5 Derek Jeter- Come on! It's Derek Jeter.

Honorable mention: Kobe Bryant- If all this would have happened a few years later, he could have reached the Michael Jordan status and been exempt. See what happens when you cut off the nappy fro!

This is the short list. Of course i've missed a ton of folks. Give me some more.


Blogger headliner said...

You left out two of my favorite, Don King and Charles Barkley. I definitely will try and watch that documentary at some point. I got a few other movies and want to watch before, but I'll get to it. I've always liked Bill. I felt like he could come to Sunday dinner with my family and be cool and fit in with no problem. Bush couldn't do that, although I've always though GW was the type of guy I could go have a beer with at bar and check out girls with nice butts and big tits. Go figure.

6:39 PM  
Blogger The Underdog said...


#2 Charles Barkley: I think he surpasses Jordan because he actually speaks about issues whereas Jordan is just Jordan. I think if Jordan were to start speaking out he'd have to endure criticisms like Barkley did early on.

#5 Don King: He loves George W and is pretty much one step below the family in the mess category. He can say what he wants because people have stopped listening.

9:07 PM  
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